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Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care

At St. Johns Wellness, we’re proud to offer Direct Primary Care (DPC), a revolutionary approach to healthcare that prioritizes patient-practitioner relationships over the complexities and constraints of traditional insurance-based systems. This model not only makes healthcare more affordable but also ensures personalized and comprehensive care.

With DPC, you enjoy unlimited access to your physician, allowing for a deeper understanding of your health needs without the stress of insurance approvals. Ideal for those seeking a more connected healthcare journey, our DPC service pairs perfectly with a high-deductible insurance plan, providing a balanced and efficient approach to your well-being.

Direct Primary Care

Seamless Healthcare

Conditions We Treat:
Comprehensive Care for Your Health

Conditions We Treat

Explore the array of health services* provided at St. Johns Wellness, where we address everything from chronic conditions to acute health concerns, ensuring your health is our priority.

Chronic Condition Management:

Routine Health Assessments

Acute Care Visits

*We do not treat new onset chest pain, shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain, pregnancy or its complications, uncontrolled bleeding, or manage chronic pain medications.

Discover the Benefits

Key Advantages of Choosing
Direct Primary Care

Enhanced Access to Care

Direct Primary Care offers patients virtually unlimited access to their healthcare provider, ensuring timely medical attention without the typical delays associated with insurance-based practices. This means easier scheduling, longer visits, and more immediate communication.

Personalized Care

With a smaller patient load, DPC physicians can spend more time with each individual, allowing for personalized care tailored to each patient’s unique health needs. This fosters a deeper doctor-patient relationship, crucial for effective healthcare.

Cost Transparency

DPC eliminates the unpredictability of healthcare costs, providing clear, upfront monthly fees without hidden charges. This model covers most primary care services, making healthcare expenses more manageable and predictable.

Preventive and Comprehensive Care

The accessibility and personalized nature of DPC encourage a focus on preventive care, helping patients maintain health and wellness before issues become serious. It also allows for comprehensive management of chronic conditions, improving long-term health outcomes.

Seamless Healthcare

Tailored Care Delivery:
Options to Fit Your Lifestyle

Tailored Care Delivery

In-Person Care: Two Locations for Your Convenience

Choose the comfort and immediacy of in-person care at our two convenient locations. Each offers a range of healthcare services in a welcoming environment, ensuring you get the personalized attention and care you need.

Mobile Care: Healthcare at Your Doorstep

Our Mobile Care service delivers personalized medical attention directly to you, wherever you are. It’s healthcare tailored to your life, ensuring access and convenience without compromising quality.

Telehealth: Healthcare Anytime, Anywhere

Access quality healthcare from the comfort of your home with our Telehealth Services. Through virtual consultations, our team provides the care and guidance you need, conveniently and efficiently.

Seamless Healthcare

Tailored Care Delivery:
Options to Fit Your Lifestyle

Sick Visits
$ 60
Per Visit
  • For acute issues like colds, coughs, and infections.
Management of
Chronic Conditions
$ 150
Per Visit
  • Comprehensive care for conditions like hypertension, diabetes, etc.
Direct Primary Care
$ 80
  • Includes unlimited sick visits, management of chronic conditions, and discounts on other services.