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Weight Management Services

Weight Management Services

At St. Johns Wellness, we know that achieving your weight loss goals can sometimes be beyond the reach of diet and exercise alone. That’s why we offer injectable GIP/GLP-1 agonists, a scientifically backed treatment that we tailor to each individual’s needs. We start with a low dose and adjust it carefully, ensuring you receive the most effective and comfortable treatment possible.

Our comprehensive weight loss plan includes an initial assessment, physical exam, lab review, and a detailed discussion about the medications best suited for your needs. GIP/GLP-1 agonists work by enhancing the action of two naturally occurring hormones — GLP-1 and GIP. These help slow stomach emptying and reduce appetite by moderating brain signals, making you feel full longer and reducing your overall food intake.

Weight Management Services

The Path to Effective Weight Loss

Weight Loss Injections

Enhances hormones that regulate
appetite and fullness

Activate Hormones

Directly targets brain signals to curb
appetite and cravings

Reduce Hunger

Delays stomach emptying to help
you feel full longer

Slow Digestion

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